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Lumbar Spine Manipulation Masterclass Recorded

Frustrated with performing your lumbar spine manipulations? 

You know what you want to do, how you can help your patients but you don't know where you are going wrong?

You know the skilled application of HVLA techniques can be of great benefit to patients suffering with mechanical low back / lumbar dysfunction. 


You want to know the SECRETS of how to make lumbar spine techniques work time and time again, on a whole range of different patients so you can help more patients NOW.

This masterclass condenses over 25 years experience from Jamie, an international lecturer on technique, so you don't have to spend years struggling on your own and working it out for yourself. 

You can become the go to therapist people turn to for help when they struggle with mechanical low back dysfunction.


Grab the recording of this masterclass and discover Jamie's unique approach to training and performing lumbar spine manipulations so that you can become a more confident, precise and intentional elite manipulator.

What you'll get:

  • Teaching of the Classic Lumbar Roll and Side Posture Manipulations and Modifications.
  • Opportunity to train alongside Jamie and other practitioners as you refine your Lumbar Spine Manipulation at your own pace
  • Unlimited lifetime access
  • Claim over 2 hours CPD

[This course is intended for manual therapists who are insured to perform and practice HVLA techniques.]

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What People Are Saying:

This Masterclass has helped me refine my current methods and learn better ways of performing technique that is more precise and reliable, and also better for my own body for long term practice.

Just want to say thank you for an excellent course. I have been struggling with the lumbar spine techniques for several years but this course has helped address that. I am feeling much more confident applying these techniques with my patients.

The best thing about this masterclass is the quality of teaching - first class.