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Whether you are a student or qualified practitioner of a manual medicine, investing in your own technical skills, refining your manipulations and confidently helping your patients is a life long journey. We are here to help you and below are a few ways we can get started together, without it costing you a penny!

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Get started by refining your Lumbar Roll as Jamie explains those common mistakes practitioners often make. 


FREE videos teaching and demonstrating a wide range of spinal and peripheral manipulations on real life patients and models. 

The Lumbar Roll technique,

at one time labelled 

'The Million Dollar Roll' 

is one of the most used manipulative techniques to help improve the function of the lumbar spine. 


Grab your FREE download and video to discover 3 common mistakes practitoners make and how to correct them.

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Discover Jamie teaching and demonstrating a number of different spinal and peripheral manipulations on real life patients and models on our popular YouTube channel. 

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