Looking to start a new healthcare practice that

✅ aligns with your principles and skills,

✅serves your patients well and

✅you can take a professional income from?


'TRANSFORM' is a step-by-step programme to enable you to

⭐ establish a transformational and sustainable wellness practice

⭐that brings you a dependable income,

⭐job satisfaction and personal fulfilment. 


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How much were you taught at University/College about running a successful practice? 

When we talk to fellow osteopaths in particular, the answer is often 'Nothing' or 'Not much'.

You've studied hard for at least 4 years to be able to practice safely and treat patients, but maybe you don't feel fully equipped and confident to set up and run your own practice as a successful business. 

With over 25 years combined experience in running health and fitness businesses, including a high six figure wellness osteopathic practice, Jamie and Gila will guide you on the path to establish your own wellness practice,

where you can do the job you have trained hard to do,

do it WELL,

serve patients WELL and

treat yourself WELL

Each module in the 'Transform' course will take you through different aspects of our 5 'A' Model for Practice Transformation. This is the same model we also follow in our mentorship programme 'Accelerator'. 

Here's the module outline

Module 1: Transform YOU

  • Module 1.1 – Your Success Strategy
  • Module 1.2 – Your Beliefs about Health
  • Module 1.3 – Who are you?
  • Module 1.4 – Your Vision
  • Module 1.5 – Your Skill

Module 2: Transform your MESSAGE 

  • Module 2.1 – Your ideal patient
  • Module 2.2 – There’s no magic pill
  • Module 2.3 – Objections and Misconceptions 
  • Module 2.4 – Magnetic messaging

Module 3: Transform your PATIENT ADVENTURE 

  • Module 3.1 – Find their cheese
  • Module 3.2 - Path to progress
  • Module 3.3 – Care for your patient
  • Module 3.4 – You are worth it

Module 4: Transform your RETENTION 

  • Module 4.1 – Wellness Care

  • Module 4.2 – The Power of Appreciation

  • Module 4.3 – Spread the word and become fully booked

This Course is for you if...

  • You are coming to the end of your manual therapy course or a new manual therapist graduate looking to open and establish your own wellness practice.
  • You are an experienced manual therapist who is at the point in your career where you would like to lead and manage your own wellness practice.
  • You have your own practice and want to escape the short term reactive symptom focused approach and transform your practice into a wellness practice that serves your patients well and serves you too.
  • You are self motivated, open to new ideas and approaches and ready to take action and put in the work.
  • You want to become an elite practitioner; one that is superior in their profession in terms of your technical ability and business qualities.


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Additional bonus module supporting you to plan and take action towards your BIG vision and achieve your goal for the year ahead. 


Discover the most common pitfalls and mistakes practitioners, including ourselves, have easily fallen into in their first year in business - so YOU can AVOID them and save yourself a headache.