Jamie's Journey from Frustration and Desire to Skill, Success and Satisfaction.

May 31, 2024

I know how FRUSTRATING it can be to learn and deliver specific, precise and successful manipulation.

I graduated from University with a wide selection of techniques in my tool box, I was pretty good BUT I wanted to be better.

I wanted to be, not just a good manipulator, but one of the best... HECK...I wanted to be THE BEST Manipulator in the world.

Early in my career I was lucky enough to work with a pioneer of the profession, a highly skilled Osteopath who taught me a great deal.


However I wanted more.

I was obsessed about how the early pioneers of our profession got such amazing results and became so skilled. 

tracked down every book I could find on Osteopathy and techniques and amassed a library of rare and original texts to challenge The Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville.

read and learnt from the great manipulators of the past in all professions and tried to emulate them as best as I could. Along with this I attended course after course on technique and manipulation. 

I gained a PG Cert in Applied Clinical Anatomy - because I knew improving my knowledge of applied anatomy would improve my skills as an Osteopath. 

After several years I became a very good structural Osteopath and it wasn't long before others wanted to LEARN FROM ME. I taught in Spain, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Canada and the founding School of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Missouri, USA.

But that still wasn't enough, I craved to be the BEST manipulator around, a master manipulator, an elite operator, so spent years seeking out and learning from the best manipulators and adjusters around the world, across all manual therapy professions.


Slowly but surely my SKILLS, SUCCESS and SATISFACTION grew along with my Practice and once again I found my self teaching what I had learnt to others, following an approach that made it easier and quicker to master your manipulative skills.


The Applied Technique Hub was born out of an obsession to RAISE THE GAME of manual medicine practitioners and help those who are striving and willing to put in the work and training needed to take their manipulative skills to another level, an ELITE LEVEL.

To NOT struggle alone like I did in the early days but to be part of a movement, a tribe of like minded professionals ASPIRING, TRAINING and EXCELLING in mastering their manipulation skills. 


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