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The First Ever 




Training Camp


Saturday 14th June - Sunday 15th June 2025

An Osteopathic Athlete trains,

just like any other athlete,

to be able to perform at an elite level.

Manipulative Specific Drills and Exercises

Protect, Strengthen and Mobilise your own body

Refine, Perform and Apply your Technique

Our Osteopathic Athlete Training Programme is the first of it's kind anywhere in the world.

If you want to be one of the Best Osteopathic Manipulators on this planet,
then you need to make that commitment and train.


  • Want a long, fulfilling career without knackering your own body in the process?
  • Fed up of living in the world of 'good enough'?
  • Your training at College was inadequate, leaving you lacking confidence in performing manipulation?
  • You've read books, watched countless YouTube videos and been on many manipulation courses and are still left feel frustrated?
  • Want to be able to know, without a shadow of doubt, that you can move anything, on anybody in anyplace and at anytime?

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About your Coaches

Gila Archer has competed at National Level Sports Acrobatics Gymnastics, is a ballet dancer and aerial silks artist. She brings her experience as a qualified teacher, physical development consultant and Level 4 Pilates teacher to the world of Osteopathy. Having worked with many children with poor motor skill development along with her research in Physical Literacy, gives her an unique and practical approach to learning and training manipulation skills. 

Jamie Archer  is a UKSCA accredited strength & conditioning coach, athlete and former elite Royal Marines Commando. He is a registered osteopath and sought after global teacher and lecturer in manipulative and adjusting technique. He combines his unique experience as an athlete, coach and clinician to train and elivate the manipulative skills of students and osteopaths to an elite level.